Residents within the walls of the old town live in 'an open-air museum', where the following venues are open to visitors: St. Mark’s Cathedral, Abbatial Treasury, Town Museum, House of Marco Polo, Icon collection in the House of the Brotherhood of All Saints, and Revelin Tower.


The religious traditions of Holy Week ('Vela setemana'), April 3-11, as the procession of Korcula's brotherhoods on the streets of the medieval town of Korcula are a remarkable experience. Confraternity of the All Saints, St. Roch and St. Michael guard centuries old traditions. Of particular interest are "torci" - wax candles which are carried in procession around the city, weighing up to 73 kilograms.

Middle Distance Triathlon Marco Polo Challenge April 21-23
Olympic triathlon-Marco Polo Challenge, April 22, consists of: 1500 m swim, 40 km bike, 10km run. Korcula triathlon represents the official opening of the Croatian triathlon season and is open to all interested, licensed racers and amateurs.
The ancient sword dance of Moreška, an officially protected intangible cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia, has been performed in Korčula for more than 400 years. Moreška is performed twice weekly during the summer season. However, the most significant performance is that of the Day of the Town or Saint Theodore’s Day, July 29, when the three brotherhoods colourfully process through the town - All Saints, Saint Rocco, and Saint Michael.
Korčula hosts numerous events: the Korčula Sword Dance Festival (June 16), the Half New Year's Eve (June 30), the Korčula Island Wine Festival (July 2 - Korčula, July 8 - Čara, July 21 - Smokvica, August 4 – Blato) also the Korkyra Baroque Festival ( which attracts musicians of world repute (September 1-17).